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Ever Wish Owning Your Business Was Less Frustrating, More Freeing, And A Whole Lot
Better Paying?

Would you like to get unstuck & automate your business without "information overload?"

Are you tired of the long hours, hard work, and not reaching the people you want to reach?

Would you like my proven system that’s enabled me to build TWO million-dollar brands and helped my clients add ten of millions more?

If you said YES, then let me show you…

The Big Problem Holding You Back

Have you ever noticed that all those other success
programs from the big name “gurus” are taught by
great marketers who suck at teaching you how to
succeed in YOUR OWN life and business?

Did you know that most people never even FINISH
those programs, because they aren’t designed for
the average person?

That’s a crying shame, because it means hard-working
people like you with big DREAMS and big POTENTIAL
end up feeling frustrated, cynical and jaded.

But there IS a way out…

Here’s What It Isn’t

The “gurus” have a vested interest in keeping you confused, hungry, and dependent on them. Because that’s how they sell you more of their stuff.

Well, I always HATED going to seminar after seminar, and never coming away with the answers I was looking for.

See, I’m just like you. I’m a regular guy from Ohio who had a dream of helping people. Then, many years ago, I discovered something revolutionary – a SYSTEM so simple, yet so powerful, that it enables ANYONE who follows it to release whatever’s holding you back and achieve your dreams.

Here’s What It Is

Your success in life is caused by just two things: the quality of  your communication with the world INSIDE of you (which I call your Inner Game)…

And the quality of your communication with the world OUTSIDE of you (which I call your Outer Game).

ONLY when you master your Inner & Outer Game can you achieve success, happiness, and a life of stress-free abundance.

The fact is, every other success program focuses on just ONE area – either the Inner Game (most personal growth programs) or the Outer Game (like when you take a marketing course).

That’s like handing you the keys to a brand-new sports car – but the engine’s been removed!

You’re definitely NOT going ANYWHERE unless you fix what’s missing.

And that’s why I’ve decided to finally release the world’s most advanced Inner Game AND Outer Game program – to help you boost BOTH your Performance (the result of Inner Game Mastery) AND your Profits (the result of Outer Game Mastery).

What “They” Don’t Want You to Know

The “gurus” don’t want to teach you both sides of success, because they know that once you learn these steps, you’re going to become fundamentally unstoppable.

And that will give you a huge competitive advantage over everyone else in your field…

Because while they’re still scrambling trying to learn half of the puzzle…

You will be nonchalantly strolling up the avenue of success.

This Works for Anyone Who…

...wants to seriously boost their performance & profits without sacrificing their family or free time. tired of spending their hard-earned money on self-help programs that don’t help at all.

...wants to master money, mindset AND marketing. ready to stop struggling and start living!

Why This Is “The Missing Ingredient”

I’ve used these EXACT strategies to build TWO million-dollar brands…

PLUS helped my clients generate over $100 MILLION dollars (soon to break $200 MILLION) in NEW revenues.

This is totally NEW income that came as a direct result of them following my simple “secret recipe”. Then BOOM!

Their lives became simpler…

Their bank accounts grew bigger…

And they were able to throw away those old habits and hang-ups that kept them STUCK all those years.

How Will You Feel…

...when you see those big checks finally start rolling in?

...when you stop working those long, hard hours and start taking more time off?

...when the right people, situations, and opportunities start to appear in your life as if by “magic”?

...when you wake up in the morning with more money in your bank account than when you went to bed?

I don’t know about you, but it feels pretty AMAZING.

Everything You Need Is Right Here

Here’s everything you’re going to get…

Here’s What You’ll Get
Step 1: Craft your Magnetic Offer that ATTRACTS and SERVES your ideal clients

When it comes to growing your business and attracting more customers, you have to stand out with a Magnetic Offer that captures attention of your preferred target while simultaneously repelling the tire-kickers.

The stronger and more targeted your offer, the easier it will be for your preferred clients — high paying and easy-to-deal-with — to be drawn to you over your competition.

That's why in this module, you'll learn the following - and much more...

Step 2: Step-by-step formula for creating your Lead Magnet that turns prospects into happy customers & raving fans!

Your Lead Magnet is something valuable you give to a prospect in exchange for their contact information, so you can begin the relationship with them.

But your Lead Magnet shouldn’t be just a piece of throw-away content (like most of what you see right now).

Master this step, and you’ll have an unfair advantage over your competitors who aren’t able to turn prospects into high-paying clients. You’ll get my formula to do that, and more.

In this module, you’ll learn that and also…

Step 3: Attract a FLOOD of qualified leads without breaking the bank

Once you’ve learned the secrets to mastering lead generation, then I’ll show you the simple secrets to building a Customer-Making “Machine” that operates on autopilot.

This is how to start moving from one-on-one sessions to a business that brings you money while you sleep. It sounds simple, but if you don’t have the proper elements in place, your prospects will lose interest and go to one of your competitors. And there’s no worse feeling than knowing you could have helped someone, but they went to someone else.

You’ll also learn..
Step 4: Exactly how to TRIPLE SALES without spending a dime more on advertising

This is where the magic of LEVERAGE will happen in your business …

And take you from scraping for leftovers, to being able to pick and choose who you do business with for the rest of your life.

This step alone will liberate you from the back-breaking chains of hard work, 60-hour work weeks and help you join the elite group of entrepreneurs and business owners whose businesses WORK for them.

You’ll also learn..
Step 5: Expand your reach and become a Celebrity Thought Leader 

What would happen to your business (and your profits) if you could increase your average customer lifetime value by 50%, 100%, or even 500%?

Answer: You’d have to find some new ways to spend all the money that would be pouring into your bank account!

This is how the “big boys and girls” do it. Find ways to provide more solutions to your current customers, and you’ve got yourself a blank check.

And the great news is – it’s FASTER, EASIER, and MORE PROFITABLE than what you’re doing right now.

You’ll also learn..
Really Hard to Find These Answers

When I started my company in my college dorm room in 1997, I had no experience, no skills, no contacts, and no money.

All I had was a VISION… and a burning desire to help people around the world.

I spent more than $250,000 to learn these secrets. I paid for them in blood, sweat, and tears (okay, not so much blood, but certainly plenty of sweat and a LOT of tears).

So what you’re getting in this program is my life’s work. Plain and simple.

Many of my clients have even called this program…

“The Secret Sauce of Business Growth.”

They also call it “the missing piece to a life of abundance.”

Why? Because this is the ONLY program that fills in the blanks left by all those big name gurus who are great marketers but have a vested interest in keeping you in the dark.

Don’t Try This Alone

The most frustrating part about putting this program together was going to seminar after seminar advertised by great marketers who suck at teaching marketing.

In fact, there were so many holes in their so-called “systems”, you could drive a truck through them.

So even after spending all that time, effort, and money, I STILL had to piece it together on my own.

However, because it’s battle-tested and proven, you won’t have to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous marketers like I did. (Lucky you!)

WARNING: This Is Not For Everyone

This is NOT for you if…

  • you don’t want to do the work to boost your performance & profits.
  • you’re like the person who wants six-pack abs by taking a pill while eating ice cream on the couch.
  • you want a flood of customers but don’t provide actual VALUE in exchange for the money.
  • you don’t want step-by-step advice that’s worked for thousands of my clients in over 100 countries.
  • you’re not willing to follow a proven SYSTEM to master your mindset & your money.

Remember, Your Success Depends on This

If you don’t master your Inner Game & Outer Game, it’s like driving down the road of life with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas. It looks like this…

Why It’s Just $1997

As you can see, a system so complete and thorough is legitimately worth $10,000 to $20,000. Easily.

In fact, I went to college twice – paid more than $85,000, but they never teach you how to be successful in life (just how to get a J.O.B.).

The fact is, this program has helped my clients add tens of millions in new revenues. So why don’t I charge $10,000 or more for this?

Because our mission at is to help 10,000 small business owners double their performance & profits.

So if I charged what this is legitimately worth, we probably wouldn’t fulfill our mission, because it would be out of reach for the average, hard-working person.

Another reason it’s so inexpensive and affordable is because there’s no shipping, no DVDs, and no expensive packaging.

All you do is login to your online members area and you’re in.

You can start learning these secrets in the next 5 minutes – even if it’s 3 a.m. where you are!

You’re Fully Protected by My Special
“I Love This Training!”


You're also protected by my special "I Love This Training!" Guarantee

We're so confident that you will be thrilled with my 6 Figure Business Machine Virtual Bootcamp... and we also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a life-transforming experience…

To back that up, we'll give you 90 days from the date of your purchase to live with the work and REALLY decide if it's for you... in your heart. If you decide it's not for you... just let us know and get a full refund of your course tuition. No hard feelings..

Filling Up Fast

Look, I’m not going to tell you that your investment will cost less than a cup of coffee a day (although it will)…

That’s because you already know it's a good deal. And when you start applying what you learn, you'll EASILY make your money back (probably five to ten times over very quickly like many of my students have).

Until now, my exclusive Inner Game and Outer Game Formula has only been available to my private Mastermind clients (who paid FIVE FIGURES to get their hands on this).

But right now you can get it for only $1997.

Seats are filling up fast and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

What People Are Saying
Oh… Did I Mention This?

Bigger than a course, seminar, or workshop. 

This is the world’s most advanced live event experience on how to get unstuck and put your business and your success on autopilot. And you can come to ANY or ALL of my famous Fame To Fortune Summit live events!

Imagine sitting with other mission-driven entrepreneurs and change agents from around the world, all come together to support, network, even joint venture. I guarantee that these experiences will catapult your success faster than anything you’ve ever done before!

The Choice Is Yours: Do You Want to
Become a Money Magnet Today?

I was reading a study that said we can only make so many decisions per day. When I was broke and working out of my parent’s basement, I could hardly decide what to eat first on my plate... or whether to eat at all.

I was the poster boy for the inability to decide.

Of course, that was a long time ago, and as you know, my life has come way up out of the mud since then...

...All because I finally started making decisions about my life and what I wanted to be, do, and have.

Yet there’s ONE THING I still ask myself when I’m about to make an important choice.

It’s the ONE THING that underlies each of my life-changing discoveries.

And the more important the decision, the more critical it is that I ask this question...

...Which is just 4 little words about “timing.”

And the question is:

“If Not Now...When?"

That's what I’d suggest you ask yourself about my 6 Figure Business Machine Virtual Bootcamp.

Not as a sneaky way to get you to buy it...

...Because there’s no reason for me to be devious... you already know that my clients say it’s the best way out of ANY personal or financial predicament.

But that question is a great barometer... a great litmus test... a great measuring stick to get you to take stock of your life.

And to get you to move in the easiest, most efficient, most healthy direction.

Not for me, but for YOU.

So ask yourself:

“Is There A Better Time Than NOW, To Take Charge Of My Finally Embrace Throw Off The Straight-Jacket of Failure And Mediocrity?”

You know in your heart of hearts what the answer is.

Especially if you’re always promising yourself that things will be different... but nothing ever changes...

If you’re consistently frustrated with your lack of follow-through on your self-made promises...

If that’s the case, then there’s something else to consider about TRUST.

And that is, to trust in YOURSELF...

And your ability to step up your game... especially if there’s a PROVEN SYSTEM that many others have followed to success.

Because at this point, you’ve done your due diligence.

Don’t Add Insult to Injury

If your life isn’t where you KNOW it should be...

DON’T punish, criticize, or beat the daylights out of yourself!

Because I KNOW, from working with thousands of people just like you from around the world...

...That HABITS, sometimes learned very early in life, are responsible... not you.

And that’s not some wishy-washy psycho-babble to let you off the hook…

It’s A Fact.

BETTER YET: it’s totally possible to change those 

habits... without agonizing or harsh willpower... to rebuild your life from the ground up.

I’ve seen it happen over and over... consistently and predictably... with my 6 Figure Business Machine members.

Here’s a Better Choice

You can live a life filled with passion…

Making a difference for people around the world…

Attracting the right people, relationships, and situations…

Enjoying more time with family and friends…

Going on fun vacations to exotic locations…

Having a business that fills your soul as well as your bank account…

Or you can choose to stay where you are, doing the same things you’ve done year after year.

It’s up to you.

But guess what… I’m going to make your decision even EASIER:

Don't Decide Now… Take All The Time You Need And Try “6 Figure Business Machine” For A Special Price with 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
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